Thangalaan Trailer: A Glimpse into Vikram’s Fierce Tribal Warrior Saga

Thangalaan Trailer

The highly anticipated trailer for “Thangalaan,” directed by Pa. Ranjith and starring Vikram, has been released. This film, set during the colonial era, revolves around the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) in Karnataka and portrays Vikram as a fierce tribal warrior.

Plot and Setting

“Thangalaan” is based on real-life events from the colonial era, highlighting the struggles and battles of the tribals in the Kolar Gold Fields. The trailer showcases intense and gory scenes, with Vikram’s character fighting for the rights of his people, including a dramatic moment where he rips apart a cobra with his bare hands.

Cast and Crew

  • Director: Pa. Ranjith
  • Lead Actor: Vikram
  • Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
  • Production: Studio Green

Music and Score

G.V. Prakash Kumar, the film’s music composer, announced the completion of the background score, promising a mind-blowing experience for the audience. The music is expected to add a powerful dimension to the film’s intense and dramatic scenes.

Release Date

“Thangalaan” is expected to be released on August 15, 2024, aligning with India’s Independence Day, although an official announcement is awaited.

Watch the Trailer

Catch a glimpse of the thrilling and intense saga of “Thangalaan” by watching the trailer here.

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