Top 10 Best Airlines in India 2024 | A Comprehensive Guide


India’s aviation sector has seen tremendous growth, offering travelers numerous choices for both domestic and international travel. As we enter 2024, here’s a look at the top 10 best airlines in India that stand out for their exceptional services, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Best Airlines in India 2024
Top 10 Best Airlines in India 2024

Best Airlines in India 2024

1. IndiGo

IndiGo continues to dominate the Indian skies with its extensive network, punctuality, and affordable fares. Known for its no-frills service, IndiGo is a top choice for budget travelers looking for reliable air travel. Read more about IndiGo’s services here.

2. SpiceJet

SpiceJet is a popular low-cost carrier offering competitive pricing and a wide range of destinations. Known for its in-flight entertainment and customer service, SpiceJet remains a favorite in the Indian aviation market. Discover SpiceJet’s latest offers.

3. Air India

As the national carrier, Air India has a legacy of service excellence. It offers both domestic and international flights with a focus on comfort and hospitality. Recent improvements in its fleet and services have made it a preferred choice for many travelers. Explore Air India’s routes.

4. Vistara

A joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, Vistara is known for its premium services. With a focus on providing a luxurious flying experience, Vistara has set new standards in Indian aviation. Learn more about Vistara’s premium services.

5. AirAsia India

AirAsia India combines low fares with quality service, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious travelers. Its innovative offerings and extensive network have earned it a loyal customer base. Check AirAsia India’s flight schedules.

6. Go First (Formerly GoAir)

Rebranded as Go First, this airline offers a seamless travel experience with its punctuality and affordable pricing. Its expanding network and customer-centric services have made it a reliable option for many. Find out more about Go First.

7. Alliance Air

Alliance Air offers a mix of domestic and regional flights with a focus on safety and reliability. Its growing network and competitive pricing have positioned it as a strong player in the regional aviation market. Visit Alliance Air.

8. Akasa Air

Akasa Air is one of the newest entrants in the Indian aviation market, quickly gaining popularity for its modern fleet and customer-focused services. Its competitive fares and expanding route network make it a noteworthy choice. Discover Akasa Air.

9. FlyBig

FlyBig caters to regional travelers with its focus on connectivity to smaller cities and towns. Its efficient service and reasonable fares have made it a favorite among regional passengers. Learn more about FlyBig.

10. Alliance Air (Formerly Air India Regional)

Alliance Air, previously known as Air India Regional, focuses on connecting remote areas with major cities. Its dedication to serving underserved regions has earned it a unique place in the Indian aviation sector. Explore more about Alliance Air.


These airlines have made a significant impact on the Indian aviation landscape in 2024. Whether you are looking for budget-friendly options or premium services, this list of top 10 best airlines in India has something for every traveler. Safe travels!

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